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So hilarious!

I have this crazy fetish for male belly buttons. It's such a funny app! Although an update wouldn't hurt. Say like taking other pictures of belly buttons. One of the funniest app could be in trouble due to the oncoming iOS 11. Meaning I couldn't be able to open it again. PLEASE make an update to this app, because I just love the Belly Button app!!!😭😋

Love it

Very funny app. You should add a feature where you can add pictures to the app and have your own belly buttons

Awesome love it. Please add more female versions

Love hula girl. Please add more female bellys and laughing :)

Shake your belly

I love this app! Is their an update?

Please add more female versions

Moreover, the picture shown on the cover image (female outie) is not available in the settings options.

cutest tummy absolutely love

love this app i adore tummies


Keeps crashing at the menu screen. Please fix this problem. Feels like I've been ripped off.

Please make a update

I'm not trying to be hertfull but please make an update

Good potential, but...

Great idea but fell short in execution. There are plenty of good pictures available out there to add realism to the genders and body types. I feel most of the male pictures could be updated, and a couple of the female ones too.

Too funny!

My 17 month old thinks this is hilarious! Great app!

Belly Buttons Rock

This is a fun app regardless of how ridiculous it may be. Belly buttons rock


hahaa this is SOO funny :D my bro loves it :D


I think you should add some more stuff ... To this app !!! It's not very funny ..... You should add more stomachs and let us put on the bellybutton rings !!! :) plEASE AND THANKSSS !!! :)


This app is hilarious and I know for a fact that the author has put a great deal of effort into writing it. Keep up the good work.

what a funny app

I think my favorite has to be the "navel" and infant laugh. This app is also good for keeping my 14 month old son amused during dinner time. Looking forward to future enhancements. It would be nice to have a way to record a laugh.

So much fun!!

Totally fun, lots of laughs. Can't wait to see what's coming next!

Wonderfully simple and silly app

This thing puts a smile on my face and I just can't help from feeling good. The laughter is contageous and I wish I could send a tickle to some of my friends to give them a pick me up when they are feeling stressed. Would be nice to be able to load your own photos or record your own laughter sounds. Hopefully that will come in next release along with a switch to disable or limit the vibrating.

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